Subject Four



  • Hyper intelligent.

Cybernetic Enhancements

  • Unknown Enhancement Brain Stem
  • Unknown Enhancement Skin
  • Unknown Enhancement Optic Nerve

Combat Training

  • Firearms & Combat Armor

Psionic Capabilities

  • Telepathic (120ft, non-language dependent)
  • Energy Beam: Inflicts 2d8 cold damage, Dex save half
  • Focus: Ice After focusing on your Ice abilities, you gain resistance to Cold damage.
  • Ice Spike: (1-6 power) Subject drains heat from a small field, then projects it at a target. 120ft range, inflicts 1d8/power point spent, reduces target move speed by half for one round, Dex half.
  • Ice Armor: (3 power): As an action, drain heat from the air nearby, covering you in icy armor. The armor can absorb 20 points of damage before shattering.

Subject Four

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