Subject Six



  • Hyper-reactive reflexes

Combat Training

  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat capabilities
  • Extra Attack Attack twice when using the Attack action.
  • Eliminate: Attacks that hit flat-footed creatures are automatically critical hits.
  • Nanites: Limited pool of nanites that can temporarily accelerate body function. Recharges on a rest.
  • Molecular Healing: Heals 4 hp/round for 10 rounds. Recharge on rest.
  • Rapid Strikes (1 nanite): Immediately after taking the attack action, spend 1 nanite to make two more attacks as a Bonus Action.
  • Cybernetic Flesh (1 Nanite) Dodge as a Bonus action.
  • Inhuman Celerity (1 Nanite) Dash or disengage as a bonus action. Jump distance doubled for one round.

Cybernetic Enhancements

  • Nanowarrior Suite: Arms can project cybernetic weapons (1d6+4 damage), damage type can be modified 1/round (slashing, piercing, bludgeoning)
  • Unknown: Lungs
  • Unknown: Brain
  • Active Camo: When activated, you have advantage on Stealth, and hostiles have disadvantage to detect you.

Subject Six

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