Subject Three



  • Extremely high reaction times and sensory awareness

Cybernetic Enhancements

  • Microgrip Implants: Subject’s feet and hands can exude tiny barbs through the skin, allowing it to cling to any surface. Capable of supporting own weight at almost any angle.
  • Leg Muscle Actuators: Metamaterial artifical muscles & carbon springs in legs allow for extreme leaps.
  • Holo Projector: When remaining completely still, subject can project a localized hologram to conceal its presence. Essentially a portable duck blind.

Combat Training

  • Action Surge: Once per rest, take an additional Attack action.
  • Extra Attack: When making an Attack Action, subject can attack twice.
  • Steady Aim: At beginning of your turn, reduce your move speed to 0. If you do, your first attack gains advantage.
  • Headshot: Attacks with sniper rifles deal triple, not double, damage. As an attack action, make a single attack with a scoped ranged weapon. This attack scores a crit on 17-20 and gains +2 to hit.
  • Squad Sight: As long as you are in communication with allies who have line of sight to a target, and you have line of effect to the target, your attacks do not suffer disadvantage from range or cover.
  • Damn Good Ground: You get +2 AC and +2 attack vs enemies on lower ground.

Psionic Capabilities

None reported.


Subject Three

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