History - Collapse


To represent the corporations, initiatives and movements throughout the colonies, the Frontier Parliament is established. Most factions of the Frontier Worlds send representatives. Planets and groups that do not wish to fall under the FP’s rules instead form the Independent Systems Pact, remaining separate from the Frontier Parliament but sending emissaries to hold seats on their behalf. The complex interplay of financial law, free space, military presence and relationships back to Earth are sorted out and the Frontier Worlds become mostly self-governing.


Altspace erupts with a massive plume of radiation. The Quasar Bridge collapses, as if overloaded by expended RDF. Ships and organisms nearby are killed or severely damaged. Debris and explosions appear throughout ALL of known space. This crisis cuts off the Frontier Worlds from the Milky Way galaxy.

Panic and disorder ensue. The Frontier Parliament steps into the gap and assumes emergency governance of its disparate systems. Without any communication from earth, the Frontier Parliament and Independent Systems Pact become the de facto government of humanity. Diplomatic channels with the Periax and the Chundurg are closed and reopened under new auspices.


The first Civilization Alpha artifacts are discovered in the debris fields from the Collapse. They display advanced technology unrepresentative of any known species, but all their facilities and artifacts are massively damaged by radiation. Carbon dating is inconclusive.

A gold rush begins to locate and study these artifacts in an attempt to advance human science and hopefully gain insight into what caused the Collapse.


The Quasar Bridge sputters back to life for five hours. Contact is briefly reestablished with the Milky Way, but very little is accomplished during this time.


The Quasar Bridge opens again. Scientists on both sides concur that the new cycle on the wormhole is roughly 7.6 years. Diplomatic channels between the Frontier Parliament and the Solar Union are officially opened, but the exact relationship is unsteady.

History - Collapse

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