History - The Border Wars


Cut off from the home worlds, a religious movement gains momentum in some of the Edgeworlds of the Frontier. Terra Nova preaches that it is the destiny of humanity to reclaim their birthplace—Earth—or establish a new home world for themselves, out on the edges of space. While their message and politics of unity and human exceptionalism win may adherents, their attitude towards the autonomy of planetary and system governments draws ire from those who prefer to remain independent.


Terra Nova forcibly annexes several border worlds. It becomes apparent that they’ve spent the last seventeen years constructing a fleet and training soldiers, and their intention is to bring the entirety of the Frontier Parliament under their control before claiming the Quasar Bridge to launch their reclamation of Earth. This marks the beginning of the Border Wars, which last nearly ten years.


The border wars end when the Expeditionary Parliament manages to sneak an entire blockade through Novan space and cripple their supply lines. The Parliament and the Independent Systems Pact divide and conquer Terra Novan worlds and force their leadership to sign a Surrender. The majority of Novan leadership is taken into custody. Novan war assets are seized, repurposed or scrapped as recompense for the damages inflicted by the wars. Some rogue elements of Terra Nova continue to operate as terrorist cells.

History - The Border Wars

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